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Message envoyé (retour)

Nom: Valerie Sebeon

E-mail: valeriesebeon@icloud.com

Message: Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been buying the Tivall brand of veggie Frankfurters for a good 20 years or more. Never in all that time have I ever had cause to complain, however, today when I opened the packet (photos attached) and cooked 4 of them, I noticed a couple of the sausages had some discolouration, on further inspection I found inside, to my horror some brownish substance with a consistency akin to dried silicone sealer! (Photos attached). Needless to say they were binned, but whatever that brown stuff was I am sure it was not edible.
Since I have had cause to write to you I thought I would also comment on the new version of your Frankfurter – it was obvious to me (and my Husband) that the re-design of the packaging coincided with a major change to the formula, I do not have a old packet to check the difference, but the taste is not very nice, there is a definite lack of real flavour, and I am betting there is more water incorporated as well – when cooked they seem softer, kind of squiggy
I look forward to your comments.
Yours faithfully,
V. Sebeon (mrs)

P.s. the photos will not download in this box and I find the lack of an email address for you totally incomprehensible!

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